Society Rules

1. 1 x annual membership fee for Le Tournoi Society (currently £20). Preferably this will be paid at the Xmas Society of the previous year for Division 1 players, and those in the Play offs.

All other membership must be paid at the January Society Day.

2. Non-Members (Guests) may play in as many events as they wish.

There will be a supplementary £5 fee per member, per event. If a guest decides to join prior to their 2nd event and become a member, then there £5 supplement for 1st event will be deducted from their membership fee (i.e. only £15 will be owed).

3. A total of 12 Society days. This will consist of :

  • 5 x Tour Events – (January, February, April, May, July, August, October – 2 of these will be Tour Qualifiers)
  • 2 x Tour Qualifiers
  • 4 x Major Events (March, June, Sept, November)
  • 1 x Xmas Society Day (December)

4. Tour Events and Qualifiers will be lower priced, i.e. ideally less than £45 per day. Money will be paid on the day. (Exceptions may be made for certain courses dependent on their requirements)

5. Major Events will be paid up front and will be more expensive (generally around £50 – £70), on more prestigious courses.

6. Xmas Society Days will be cheap and cheerful, and be paid up front to include a breakfast/dinner and prizes. This will be on local courses (local to Maidstone and Medway). Le Tournoi will subsidize this day where possible for members.

7. Prizes will be awarded as follows:-

The Tour Order of Merit*

  • There will be two leagues.
  • Prizes awarded at Xmas Society Day for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each league
  • Points will be awarded for each event
  • Your best 5 placing’s will count towards this prize
  • It MUST include a minimum of 4 x Tour Events, plus 1 x Tour Qualifier OR 1 x Major Event. It can of course be 3 tour events and 2 majors or 3 tour and 2 qualifier events.

* The Tour Order of Merit will have promotion and relegation element to it. Although the league will be as equal in numbers as possible. Promotion/Relegation/Play-off places will be declared at the start of each season to ensure everyone knows what they are playing for.

Each Major will have its own set of prizes for the day.

  • Winner and Runner up
  • Longest drive and Nearest the Pin (numbers dependent on whether 1x or 2x)
  • Points awarded for Le Tournoi Order of Merit (members only) for top 10 scorers

The Majors Order of Merit winner will be awarded a trophy for the top scoring player over all Majors competed in, at the Xmas Society Day.

8. Club handicaps will not be taken into consideration for society, unless you are a new member.

i.e. if your club handicap is 20, and your society handicap is 18, you will play off of 18. Likewise if your club handicap is 18 but your society handicap is 20, you will play off of 20.

In the 2nd example, you may decide to “self declare” to a lower handicap, but that is your perogative.

There is no rule that states you must “self declare”.

9. Handicap adjustments thereafter will be made as per here. From 2017 we will revert to adjusting from 36 points as both SSS and CSS have been trialled in previous years and neither have proved any more satisfactory, but both are more confusing to members.

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