Membership is £20 for the year. This entitles you to enter all 11 days for 2017, and enter the Order of Merit, and League competitions. There will be a £5 surcharge at each event for any non-members so if you think you will be playing in more than 3 events it is worthwhile.

Anyone wishing to become a member MUST pay membership by their second event. If you play in two events and do not pay your membership, you will only be entitled to play as a guest for the rest of the year, and will be subject to a £5 a day surcharge. Preferably pay on your first event please.

The following players have already paid membership for 2017:

Andy Elvin
Bill Waite
Brett Hards
Chris Asher
Ciaran Rowe
Darren Howard
Dave Killick
Del Murley
Eddie Greene
Glyn Davies
James Jordan
Jarrod Smith
Jason Berryman
Jeff Strudwick
John Crittenden
Justin Hunt
Kevin Vickery
Laurence Allen
Lee Davis
Lee Denyer
Mark Carr
Martin Morgan
Martin Reeve
Martin Wells
Nobby Drew
Steve Hurst
Steve Hutton
Steve Killick
Stuart Crump
Tony Pass
Trevor Waite