Mcmillan Cancer Support – 72 holes of golf

There was a slight change of plan to the day, as we made the decision that as (per usual form) West Malling Golf Club were not being very accomodating to our needs, we would prefer to put our money towards the charity, in the form of fines on the day.

Kings Hill Golf Club on the other hand could not have been more accomodating towards us, and despite there being two large societies out on the course, they squeezed us into each round, so we had minimal delays. By the end, we were welcoming getting held up by slower players, and happy of the rest breaks!

The golf went like this:-

Asher 91/88/89/90 – Total = 358 – 150 points
Fella 91/87/106/94 -Total = 378 – 127 points
Ciaran 89/94/96/97 – Total = 376 – 123 points
Lol 98/89/92/96 – Total = 375 – 117 points

There was some sort of team competition for the best two stableford scores on each hole. We managed to score 339 points. We are still trying to work out where we report/enter this to.

The matchplay went like this:-

Asher & Fella beat Ciaran & Lol by 3&2
Fella & Ciaran beat Asher & Lol by 1 hole
Asher & Ciaran beat Lol & Fella by 3&1
Asher & Lol beat Ciaran & Fella by 4&3

So the fines we all contributed to the charity were:-

Asher – £22.50
Fella – £27.50
Ciaran – £27.50
Lol – £32.50

It was bloody hard work. First 18 were fun, and played in just over 2.5 hours. Second 18 was a bit slower, and we were let through by 3 groups of players, and was beginning to get tired. The third 18 was the worst of the lot, feeling as you did, and knowing there was another 18 holes to come yet……….. The final 18 was nice knowing you were playing each hole for the last time. Fortunately we all played fairly well, and all managed to break 90 in at least one round which made it a little bit easier. If the Ciaran that goes abroad had been there, it could have been much more painful!

Thanks to everyone that has sponsored us and helped usto achieve our target, please get your money in to Ciaran for those that sponsored via the form at the next society day. For those waiting to see if we could achieve this before sponsoring us, the charity website will remain open until September 24th 2011.